• Flaps Mounted

    Flaps Mounted 1

    Flaps have been mounted these days. Now the rebel is in principle ready to fly. Of course some fairings are missing.

    But before we can do the first flight there is of a bunch of documents and tests to be performed. It will take some months to get the “Vorläufige Verkehrszulassung” from our LBA (=german FAA).

    Mounting the flaps is not easy:

    Firstly, you have to mount the AN4 screws, nuts and cotter pin through a hole of one inch. Very important is to fasten the nuts while the flaperons are not yet connected. This way you can turn the nut while moving the flaperon. And you need a long 45 degree plier to work inside. All these were great tips from the fellow builders in the murphybuilders-list. Thanks to the list!

    Secondly there was not enough clearance between the wing skin and the flaperons. As suggested by Murphy and on the builder list, I bent the wing skin some millimeters up.. This worked good with some piece of wood. Thus I could bent the wing skin and rear spar a very small portion upwards.

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