• Firewall Installations

    Firewall Installations

    Preparing the engine installation, we installed electrical and other things on the firewall.

    From left to right you can see:

    – Battery: we used Hawker Odyssey PC680, 12V 17Ah. There is a battery bracket available from ACS which helped for a quick installation.

    – on top of the battery is the master relay

    – on the right the starter relay as delivered from Rotax

    – above this is the shunt-sensor from TL-elektronic, which enables me to see the voltage in the EFIS

    – on the right the condensator 22000 uF as supplied by Rotax

    – on the right the voltage regulator from Rotax

    – cooling overflow bottle from Rotax

    – oil bottle from Rotax

    For the oil and water bottles I manufactured brackets from aluminum.


    Firewall Installations2

    Firewall Installations3

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