Cabin Heater Construction

We are waiting for the cowling parts to arrive. Propeller and nose cowl are ordered, but it takes some time to get them.

During the waiting time, we are doing some small stuff, which is nevertheless time consuming.

We started with the cabin heat. Since we will use a water cooled (at least cylinder heads) machine, we decided to heat the cabin with a heat exchanger. I ordered a cabin heater from a Volkswagen Sedan (VW Passat). Incredibly cheap this car parts.

This cabin heater normally heats a big car, so I am pretty sure it will also heat the rebel. Above this heat exchanger I mounted two computer cooling fans. They will produce enough air flow.

Pictures shows the fabrication of the mounting brackets. The heater will be installed just below the instrument panel at the passenger seat.


Cabin Heat Brackets

Cabin Heat Brackets2

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