• Test Fitting Motor Mount

    Fitting Motor Mount

    Our motor mount was produced by a small company in Germany. We had luck that the Rebel is such a great plane. It is so great that there is a copy available (called “Wild Thing”) which is not unusual in Germany. The motor mount for this copy had exactly the dimensions I needed (how come 🙂  ) so the jig available could be used to produce this great looking motor mount.  BTW, it is a motor mount for the Rotax 912 S.

    The channel at the firewall conflicts with the fixing positions for the mount. Again a bad instruction in the manual. It needs to be much more down than 5 inches from above. So my decision is to build a new, wider channel (60 mm instead of 50 mm). I am happy that a good friend is working in a nearby mechanical engineering company with a electronic steered bending brake which makes perfect channels.

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