Improved Elevator Fairing Done

Elevator Fairing CFK5

The improved fibre glass fairing is done. Gives a much better appearance and is aerodynamically better. The biggest advantage is that there is no fear to loose this fairing. It nearly fixes without any screw.


The next pictures shows the fabrication stages of this part. It’s always a great fun to work with glass fibre. Fortunately the weather was fine this weekend (12 degree celsisus outside). So it was possible to achieve the required 18 degree Celsius in the garage. The epoxy needs this temperature for 24 hours to get dry. A good heater helped.

Important to mention at this fairing part is that is has to be flexible. To take it off to the front, it has to be broader. So it has to flex it side legs without breaking. We used 4 layers of 110 g/sqm glass which works fine and is still flexible.

A final layer of auto body filler needs to be done to get a smooth surface. Next weekend ….


Elevator Fairing CFK2



Elevator Fairing CFK3


Elevator Fairing CFK4

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