Weight and Balance

With support from the local aircraft works, I did the weighing of the Rebel this morning.

I am quite happy with the results: Although I installed a ballistic recovery system the total weight of the Rebel is 382 kg. I had 176 kg on every wheel in the front and 30 kg on the tail wheel.

This comes out to a C of G of 0,42 meters A.O.D.
Datum line is leading edge of wing. Murphy specifies 10.85 to 18.10 inches (0.2756 m to 0.4974 m), so 0,42 is quite in the middle. This gives us 60 kgs of useful baggage load, even with full tanks.


Weight [kg] Distance [m] MOMENT [kg*m]
G1L, left wheel 176 0,025 4,4
G1R, right wheel 176 0,025 4,4
G2, tail wheel  30 5,00 150
Basic Empty Weight 382 0,42 158,8