Mixer Detail

Mixer mounted on the mixer arm. I decided to mount the mixer after the teleflex cable moun (as stated in the new version of the manual). It gives more clearance in the doors, that means the P-P tubes only slightly interfere with the door opening.

There was an error in the manual concerning the holes in the mixer arm. The front hole needs 1/4 for the teleflex, the one in the back 5/16 for the mixer. So my front hole is too large now. To overcome this the clevis fork will get a bushing of steel tube with 5/16 OD by 1/4 ID.


The manual for the control section is generally very poor. It takes a lot of time to think on every step and read on the builders list on the errors. E.g. the horizontal tube needs a different length as stated in the manual. It needs to have 39 1/4 instead of 38 1/4.